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I'm Karianna, but everyone calls me
Kari. I am 14 years young and
blow out the candles on October 22.
 Im livin in the boring state of.... Iowa, but thats aight cuz i got all ma amazing friends right by my side(: My bestest friend eva is mimi(lilinnocence) she is pretty much my sister, gotta luv her. I love to play volleyball and soccer. I can be shy sometimes, but once i know you im pretty crazy! Anywayz I love animals(sometimes more than people...) 
comment and follow:)

Quotes by hunnibear1022

If I can't have a good arguement with someone they start to bore me.  If you feel like you have to be polite around them all the time it's not real.
It's like his smile is contagious. I just can't help but do the same when I see it.   

I   just    love    those   dorky   boys  .


How can someone you love make you hurt this much?



It's funny how people can believe anything they hear
without even coming to you for the truth...
isn't it?-__-



& I love those conversations with my bestie
that are really intense
we are practically yelling and people start to stare  
and we burst out laughing
just  us?


I'd rather  lose  an argument to you, then  to lose you over a n argument. 

- - - - -                 
n  mf  


I move for no one!!!
(except for mommy i always move for mommy)


F  o   r   m  a   t      c  r  e  d   i   t      t   o     E  m  i  l  a  a  a  a  y  x



An ex is called an ex

because, its an EXample of

what you shouldn't do in the


n mf