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Hi I'm Melissa. This is basically a collection of my thoughts, feelings, and quite a few songs lyrics that i enjoy.  If you ever need advice, my profile is alway here, dont be afraid to send me a comment. 

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Please support Valour in our goal to change the worlds mentality about mental illnesses

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"I'm smiling but I'm
dying on the inside."

-Every Teenage Girl Ever


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And now, this awful stare
Reminding me that no one cares


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Stab my heart like a stick in the mud
Cut my chest just to see the blood
Stop the presses cause I'm killing time

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We are the vultures
The dirtiest kind
The culture wars
In your heart and your mind  


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Hold me now
'til the fear is leaving
I am barely breathing
 crying out
these tired wings are falling


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In your deepest pain
In your weakest hour
In you darkest night
You are lovely

Cause you are the piece of me
I wish I didn't need
Chasing relentlessly
Still fight
and I don't know why

Maybe if I leave tonight, I won't come back

I cant keep going, cant keep going on like this.
They make me sick.
And I get so sick of it.

Cause they wont let me, they wont let me breathe.
Why cant they let me be?