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Quotes by hurtinginsideandout

 i hate it when people say:
"Don't cut, you're beautiful."
being ugly is the least of my concerns.
[when the rest of my life is unbareable.]

He knows, Witty..
about the cuts.
hes trying to be supportive,
but i dont know how much longer it can go like this.

i walk through the hallway
holding my wrists
hoping no one will see me like this


i dont hide my scars anymore.
i want them to see what they are doing to me.

Dear Witty,
I made this account so that i could vent.
Some of my friends have wittys but they dont know about my cuts, and if they do, they dont know how serious it is.
I hate having to hide myself on witty, because this isn't a place to hide.
I started posting quotes on my old account that could be considered "depressing" my some of my friends saw them and got concerned for me. 
I dont want to raise suspition ..and i need help sometimes.
If at all possible, could i have a friend to talk to?
One that understands?
One that will help me when i need help?
That would be nice.
If not, i understand..
And if you read this, thanks.


my mom always told me that a spash of
in an outfit makes it better..
but she was the one who bought me bracelets
to cover my red cuts.

why can't i be that little girl
that my parents always wanted me to be?

i'll fake a smile
for you.

i just want to be okay again.

Stop the world.
I wanna get off.