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my name's ella and i'm 15
I love witty because it's always here when I need it and nobody knows about it or at least they don't know I have it, so I dunno I guess it's like my own little secret thing that nobody knows.   that's why I like it.
anyway, I love louis tomlinson so much and one direction obviously. ellie goulding, janoskians, bethany mota (macbarbie07), beyonce and cara delevingne are my inspirations and idols and I love them.

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does anyone want to email me?
I know emailing may seem 'old-fashioned' but honestly if anyone is upset or worried about the smallest thing, I really want to help because a problem shared is a problem halved. 
don't overthink
just let go
I love witty because nobody knows I have it so it's like my own little secret thing
I feel like I am constantly being made fun of behind my back. I'm so paranoid. I care way too much about people who don't care about me, and I waste my time worrying about others. I let stupid girls who are supposed to be my 'friends' get in the way of what really matters but I can't help it. I have nobody to talk to because I am ashamed of how I feel at the moment. I don't want to grow up or carry on. It makes me sound really depressed and sad but it just seems so much more peaceful and easier to give up but I know I can't and I won't. My mum always asks if i'm okay and she's worried about me but I don't want to worry her because I can't even put my feelings into words. It's like i'm sad and lonely but yet happy in my own little world. I like my own company, and I can't be bothered to put up with any annoying people who are supposed to be my friends.
sometimes I feel like I just want to die
this could be nothing
but i'm willing to give it a try
but you broke me,
now I can't feel anything.
I don't know why but every 6 months or so, i'll make a new witty.
I think it's honestly because i'm paranoid someone's gonna find my witty.
sometimes I just want to let everything out on somebody like everything im feeling. i want people to know how im feeling and see if they actually care because to be honest it doesnt feel like that. it feels like im always looking out for other people and making sure that they're okay but when it comes to the other way round they dont care at all about me and it makes me feel so stupid for actually thinking that they did care. they only 'care' when they want something from me. some people just annoy me so much and they dont even realize it but i just want to tell them to leave me alone and i cant. that makes me sound like the nastiest person ever but i cant help it. i sound so horrible writing this but i just need to let my feelings out without getting judged by the people i know. ive had witty for a few years now not only on this account i had one before and honestly i dont know what i would do without it. im not on it all the time ill admit but its always here whenever i need to vent or let anything out. i dont feel judged here i feel like people actually care sometimes here. just the little things get me down when my friends lie to me or talk behind my back about me. in maths theres a boy i sit next to and hes always picking on me and taking the mickey out of me and it makes me so upset but i havent told anyone and he really intimidates me and it makes me dread maths because im scared that he's going to say more hurtful stuff. i know im probably just taking it too personally but it gets me worrying. i think id die if any of my friends or family saw my witty. thats what i love about it. i can write whatever i want without anybody caring and i love that freedom. i can talk about my friends annoying me or anything thats bothering me and get it off my chest. my 'friend' is always lying and being gobby and being rude to everyone and its really awkward because i dont know what to say to her and it really annoys me. okay i know nobodys gonna read this and im kind of glad because ive written some embarrassing stuff but it feels good to just get it all off my chest and sort out my problems. okay witty, thankyou for letting me do this.
'I know you better than you think'
-Ellie Goulding,Explosions