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I am only but an endless collection of vines strung together to look like a person with a life
I'm here to hydrate your brain with relatable shiz
Literally using this as my finsta bc I don't want to be a person with a finsta, cha feel?
Not because having a finsta is bad its just like, not on brand for me
(This is not how I actually speak I am just speaking like this bc I am in a mood, we gucci)
I live to create substitutes for swear words (see above)
I'm a type-a chad-nerd hybrid

Truth is I just deal with a lot so ima write it all down here.. gucci? Gucci.

Quotes by hydration

My "Best Friend's" Best Friend had a Fling with Me
She knew that if I fell for him
He wouldn't want anything to do with me
So she helped me fall for him

Turns out she was right