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Quotes by i8muhsk8erboi5

this is how it goes- billy talent-
so i hold my breath untill my heart explodes
cause this is how it is and this is how it goes

only one-yellow card-
Broken this fragile thing now
and i cant, i cant pick up these pieces
i've thrown my words all around
but i can't. i can't give you a reason

in reverie-saves the day-
bottles breaking on my face
are only a reminder of yur love i lost a lifetime ago
from 10 things i hate about you - by the way best movie ever -

"Brautwurst arnt we the optimist"
"theres a difference in like and love"
"a minor encounter with the shrew"
"My sister is a particuliar hideous breed of loser"
"i never been that ripped"
"if we were the last 2 ppl on earth and there were no sheep..wait are there sheep?"
"everything but the beak and feet"
"I have a dick on my face dont i?"
"now remeber guys rip it and rip it"
"im not hostile im annoyed"
"my fenders dont really whip me into a verbel frenzy"
"i dazzeled him with my wits"
"ur just to good to be true cant take my eyes off of you"