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iDiv's Favorite Quotes

"If I killed myself tonight, the stars would still appear, the sun would still come out, the Earth would still rotate, the seasons would still change... so why not?"

Fúck this. Do not tell me your best friend would not sit at your lunch table for three fúcking days just staring blankly at your old seat wishing that you were there to fill the space with laughter.

Do not tell me your younger brother would not break down in the middle of class because you guys started talking about your favorite type of subject in school.

Do not tell me your father would not begin working the night shifts to distract himself of the silence at home because you're not up until the ungodly hours of the night talking to his/her-face on the phone because you guys are so in love.

Do not tell me your boyfriend/girlfriend would not go into your room and put on the last hoodie you wore trying to desperately imprint your scent onto their skin so they never forget your smell.

Do not tell me your friends would not stare blankly at the gymnasium wall after the principal has announced your death to the entire school making no sound trying to convince themselves this is just another one of your impractical jokes.

Do NOT fúcking TELL ME this búllshit line of how the stars would still appear the sun would still come out the earth would still rotate and the seasons will still change because without YOU you lil' beautiful piece of human being,

none of these people will want ANY of that to happen.

I'm still alive,
but I'm barely breathing.

Just prayed to a God
that I don't believe in.

The drought was the very worst
when the flowers that we'd grown
together died of thirst.

Maybe I'm just
hard to love.

We accept the love
we think we deserve.

- tell me a lie

- I love you

I know that believing the phrase "it gets
better" seems impossible when you're hurting
so much.You don't need to believe it. Just hold
onto it. Hold onto the idea of it.
Because one day you'll look back on
everything, and you'll realize it's true.

I'd tell you
I miss you,
but I don't
know how.

I hate myself.

That sentence is so simple, but is so powerful. Yes, I hate myself. I am trying to learn to love myself, but it's difficult. Trying to love yourself in a world that says not to is the hardest thing you could imagine. No, I am not fishing for compliments or attention in this quote, I am just being honest, and sharing this, because I find it easier to do something once you have said it out loud. If you are trying to love yourself, I wish you luck. You will get there. It may not be today, or tomorrow, or even a year from now. It will be a difficult path, believe me. It isn't easy. But once you get there, you will feel great. God knows how long this process will take, but it will be worth it. After all, confidence and a smile are the two best things a person can wear. I love you, I love you all.