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Hello Beautiful, I see you've come across my witty page. Well let me tell you about this not so ordinary girl. I'm 14, in 8th grade, December 20th, 1997. I guess Im your normal teenage girl. I have that one best friend that Im head over heals for, but he'll never know. In school Im just that quiet smart girl who is perfect. Reality though, Im not perfect at all. I see all of my flaws no matter how small or how large they are. Everyone tries to tell me my flaws aren't real, but I see them. I see what I look like with no make up and think Im ugly, see what I look like in sweats and a t-shirt and think Im nasty, see my body and think Im fat. Im not exactlly the most positive person when it comes to myself, but Im always positive with others. I just hate seeing people unhappy because well I guess I know how much it sucks. My friends and music are everything to me, without I don't know what I'd do. My best friends are Ella, Bree, Cleo, Riley, Alex, and Makena♥. I guess when it comes to music Im not really into the whole "normal" music. Panic! at the disco, Fun. All time low, Fall out boy, Marianas trench, Forever the sickest kids, Eatmewhileimhot, NeverShoutNever, Falling in reverse, Good charolette, Red jumpsuit apprentice, The secret handshake, This time around, A day to remember, A rocket to the moon, Breathe carolina, We are the in crowd, Cartle, The cab, Blessthefall, Cute is what we aim for, Death cab for cutie, Green day, All american rejects, My chemical romance, Cobra starship, 3OH!3, Boys like girls, The ready set, Mayday parade, You me at six&Sleeping with sirens.♥

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