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 Dude i wasn't that Drunk...

You thought my mailbox was a tiger attacking you:P 



" DUDE "

Before you say something important. 

Spongebob Quote # 7

Patrick: I'll tell you the story of the Ugly Barnacle. There once was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly, everybody died. The End.  


don't make

me laugh,
i'm trying

to be mad


Does anyone<<<
think that a joke becomes ten times funnier when you
>>>can't talk?


Seeing a bug;
And instantly feeling like 23480 are crawling on you.
Click the heart if you know what I'm saying.


when someone tells you to

expect the unexpected

slap them in the face and

ask if they
expected it

Acheivements of Life


5 years old: not peeing yourself.

8 years old: pouring a bowl of cereal.

12 years old: first boy/ girlfriend.

16 years old: getting your learners' permit.

18 years old: getting your drivers license.

21 years old: having your first drink.

26 years old: graduating college.

30 years old: getting married.

35 years old: having a family and good job.

45 years old: not having a mid-life crisis.

55 years old: getting your dirvers license back.

65 years old: getting your drivers license back. (again)

75 years old: pouring a bowl of cereal.

85 years old: not peeing yourself.


you know

you're in trouble
when your mom is

calling you by your


but  yet  i  dont  know  any  bobs