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im 16.
my favorite colors are black,blue and purple.
i've had witty for a long time, and i havent been for like ever, till now. 
my favorite singers are demi, halsey, melanie, justin and nick. 
i also love bands like paramore,the 1975, artic monkeys, nirvana, sws and bvb. 
i dont know what else to say so thats it. 


Quotes by † HOPE *

Happy Birthday, baby brother !!!! <3 
The bravest thing
I ever did was
Continuing my life
When I wanted to die
Sometimes we all do stupid things.......
MUSIC only makes me stronger.
*Asking myself a question* Am I a good person?: Sometimes 

Little brother: Are you a happy person? No

Me: ...........
Guys, my Witty Anniversary was 3 days ago. Yes I know I'm late but whatever. I have been on Witty for 3 years now and I've talked to so many amazing and nice people on here.
This is the place I go when I'm feeling alone. Lol, I have been here for a lot of the crazy things that has happened on Witty but It's all good (:  Thanks, Wittians!!!! <3
Yeah I'm here, still trying. 
Can I make it?

"Just because you're cutting, doesn't mean you're suicidal."
Making all the same MISTAKES
''It always rains the hardest on the people who deserve the sun''