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Quotes by iLoveBatman

You won't  find the right one,
    If you don't let go of the wrong one.


My definition of "idgaf"
is  " I Don't Give  Away Food",!






People change,





from far away they looked like toms but sadly upclose they were bobs 
-Not my format


I swear he's cute hang on 

Let me find a better picture.

Not My Format
It's not that I hate you,
It's like uh, let's put it this way:
If you were on fire and I had water,
a I would probably drink the water.

-Not my format

Nice tan, whats your race?

It's not Jason Derulo it's;
with tone.

Mary had a little lamb
  And the doctor fainted.

The party don't start Till I login..