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Hey! Welcome to my profile!
I'm Nikki. 14 years old. I blow out the candles on February 26. I love music, writing, and my friends. I'm completely obsessed with Jeff Hardy/ Team Xtreme. I love Bullet for my valentine, Shinedown, Seether and Sum 41. I LOVE Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, Chris "Drama" Pfaff, and Ridiculousness. I love to talk, and I love to write. I post my stories here on witty and I live off feedback! So tell me what you think.
Peace out and remember, you're beautful! ♥ 


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Can someone make me a Harry Styles or One Direction layout for my profile?
I'm trying to make my profile nice, but nothing is showing up, and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
If you could please help, that'd be great.

Hi! I'm Nikki. And I lose friends for being honest.

Any Harry Styles fan fictions out there?
I'd love to read them. :)

I'm not supposed to
cry on my birthday.

Listen up!
I have a friend on here that goes by the name jayciecutie01.
I don't like how you people have been treating her. Telling her she's ugly, and that she doesn't deserve top quotes. That her quotes aren't good enough. Or that her quotes have no meaning.
First of all, she's not ugly? She's beautiful!! Everyone is beautiful in their own way. The only way someone can be ugly, is if they have a face that matches their personality. Okay?
Second of all, she does deserve top quotes. Want to know why? Because she works to get them!! Things come to her head, and she posts it. It's not her fault that she gets faves. And it's not her fault that you don't! Why blame her for YOUR lack of creativity. I post things that I think ought to be on top quotes, yes, but I'm lucky to get a few faves. Wanna know why I don't throw a fit? Because you people don't think I deserve it! And that's okay, because I'm happy to just be here on witty. And I'm happy that I'm free to express myself!! That's all Jaycie was doing. Expressing herself. She could care less about the faves, but I'm sure it made her feel good to have someone think her quote is worth being on the top quotes.
Thirdly, her quotes DO have meaning. Some people read them, and think wow. I guess I'm not worthless. That's what she does!! She helps people. I'm positive that some people that have read her quotes are still alive today because they made them stop and think that ending it all would not be worth it. All you've done, is push her away, and now she can't help her fellow witty sisters.
Fourthly, you know her name. Not her story. So before you start running your mouth about her, think what it would be like to be her. Wouldn't you be mad if you got a bunch of top quotes because you deserved them, and someone told you differently?
Think before you act. You never know what you could do to someone. And I know I'll probably get alot of grief from this, but I don't care.



Today, I put my facebook status as "Aaaand, I have nothing to do. I need someone to talk to. But I haven't talked to my best friend since Friday at lunch. -.- " Then, I switch to twitter, and I hear a little ding. I go back to facebook, and it's him. My best guy friend. He tells me he may be dating some other chick, but still. He was talking to me. That's something he hasn't done in forever. 

you're leaving because it's easier to walk away, than to fight for what you really want.
That boy can make me smile no matter how sad I am.
He just went from making me happy, to making me want to slap him
Why not just push me down a flight of stairs? That would have been less painful