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I'm Nikki. 14 years old. I blow out the candles on February 26. I love music, writing, and my friends. I'm completely obsessed with Jeff Hardy/ Team Xtreme. I love Bullet for my valentine, Shinedown, Seether and Sum 41. I LOVE Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, Chris "Drama" Pfaff, and Ridiculousness. I love to talk, and I love to write. I post my stories here on witty and I live off feedback! So tell me what you think.
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For anybody wondering, here is the link to
One Direction singing 'Teenage Dirtbag'

We all love you, and you've come so far from the xfactor in 2010. But i have to say thank you, 
Thank you for changing my life, and so many others. Personally, you saved mine. I was thinking of
Suicide for a while, but you guys helped me, even though you weren't really here with me. 
You just help so many people, and i thank you for that. It's been 2 years filled with pure joy,
but there were times when all directioners would shed a tear. Wether it's filled with happiness, or 
pain. We  all love you boys to death, even if there ARE haters, we've delt with them well. 
Others might not understand why us directioners are so, obsessive, i guess over you guys,
but we don't care. We just keep loving you mroe and more with every day that comes.


"You're beautiful,
Just like this potato."
-Niall Horan

Because i love your everything.

a one direction fanfic

Chapter 16-
Harry fell asleep, so it was only Niall and I awake.
We thought we would wake him up laughing, so we went into the kitchen to eat and talk, but mostly to get to know eachother.
After all, he was one of my boyfriend's bestfriends.
"How about some leftover nando's?" I asked, smirking.
"I thought you were vegeterian?" He asked, confused.
"screw that, my parents made me that way, and they're not here, are they?" I asked, taking out a small white container, and 
putting it in the microwave.
Niall laughed, "Wait until you realize what you've been missing," He said, smirking at me.
We stood there, laughing for a couple more minutes about random things, finally hearing the microwave ding.
I took the leftovers out, and two forks since i was too lazy to get out plates.
Niall stuffed the food in his mouth like normal, but i was just kind of picking at it since i wasn't that hungry.
I sat down across from Niall at the kitchen table, "Kelsy.. If i told you something about the boys, don't tell them i told you.." He said.
"I promise," I said, confused about what we were about to discuss.
"I kind of overheard Louis, Zayn, and Liam on the plane the other day, and they said.. Louis said he thought you're another Caroline,
and the boys agreed.." He sighed.
"I know, i heard them too.. I was pretending to sleep." I said, putting my fork down gentaly.
He looked at me, "But don't believe them, you're a great girl. Harry should've found you ages ago, instead of the sluttts he's been dating.." 
Niall made me smile, big.
The fact that Niall actually cared enough about me to tell me this was amazing.
"What's going on?" I heard a deep voice behind me.
"Nothing Haz, having some Nandos, we were hungry." Niall said.
Harry sat down beside me, wrapping his arm around me.
"You were drooling on me earlier." I said, laughing at him.
He just blushed, as Niall and I cracked up.
I put my hand on Harry's thigh, and he started to squirm a bit.
"Harry, you were even sucking you're thumb- what the hell are you doing?" Niall asked, laughing a little more.
There was an awkward silence, and i broke it by laughing because Harry was squirming so much.
"Well guys, i'm gonna go. Goodnight Kelsy, Goodnight Haz." He said, hugging both of us, as he walked out the front door.
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Zayn: "It's not just about looks,
You have to be able to stimulate
Eachother as well."
Louis: "Stimulation? This just got X- Rated."

Because i love your everything.

a one direction fanfic

  Chapter 2-
Harry and I were on one couch, and Zayn and Gianna on the other one. We had turned the lights out ages ago. I was actually kind of um.. Cuddling with Harry Styles. Just the thought of it made my mind go wild. We were watching something that i'd never heard of before, but i didn't really give a shiiit because i was already living a dream. All of a sudden, i heard a whisper in my ear. It sounded something like "If i kissed you right now, would you um.. Would you be creeped
out?" . This night coudln't get anymore increbible. "Would you be um.. Creeped out if i said i wouldn't be?" I whispered back, smirking a bit at him. "Not at all," He whispered in my ear. His lips got closer to my face, as they finally touched mine. I felt like a sluut though, kissing a guy the first time i met him.. Whatever. He kept kissing me, as he pulled the blanket that was over our legs over our heads. "Something's going on over there..!" Zayn said, laughing with Gianna. Harry and I
quit kissing, and put the blanket the way it was before. "I don't know what you're talking about." Harry said, laughing a little bit. I laughed too. "Whatever." Zayn replied. "that's what i thought," Harry replied. I laughed a little, and caught a glimps of Harry chuckling a bit too. "Guys, we should totally go out tonight." Said Zayn. "What about that club down the street?" Harry asked, looking at me and Gianna for approval. I nodded, "Yeah, let's do it man." Zayn approved. We all
got off the couch, "Niall, I don't know if you and Natalie want to come with or not but we're going to the club accross the street," Yelled Zayn, knowing that Lou and Liam have girlfriends that didn't happen to be here tonight. "Yeah bro," Niall yelled back, walking toward us with Natalie behind him. I slipped on my toms and followed the boys out of the door. "Bye Lou, Bye Liam!" I yelled. "Bye girls.!" They yelled back. The hotel room door clicked shut. Security was standing at
the front doors, and they followed us to the club across the street so that no fans would disturb us. Before we knew it, we were there. We walked through the entrance, and practically no one was there except for an older couple in the corner making out.. gross. Harry and I decided to sit at the bar. "Two beers?" Haz asked, looking at me. I nodded, smiling nervously a little, but i doubt he could tell. "Two beers." He ordered. The bartender opened them, then slid them across
the counter to us. I caught mine, and took a sip. It was strong. That was honestly my first time drinking.. 
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Harry: "I've watched all the
Barbie movies with my sister."
Louis: "You are so cute!"
Harry: "I know!"

This quote does not exist.


                                                                                        (chapter six)
"I feel like you don't want to talk to me anymore," Dean said.
I swallowed roughly.
"Please, Haden. I thought.. I mean, I haven't gotten angry in weeks. I thought maybe we were okay."
It was true, but it felt too fake. Too temporary. I felt like any second he was going to snap. And it would be much worse than before.
"I want to go out tonight," I said.
"Okay, where?" His face lit up.
"Alone," I said. His face fell. "I want to go out alone."
I couldn't remember the last time I'd just had a night to myself. A night without Dean watching over me like a guard dog. Pulling me aside in a secluded area to hit me. I flinched slightly. To hit me repeatedly. 
"Why?" he asked. His voice had an edge to it. 
I closed my eyes, expecting to be hit. For him to demand who it was I was seeing. I opened my eyes. He was just staring at me. 
What? Why wasn't he hitting me? Kicking me? Anything at all...
"Okay," his voice was choked. He was swallowing down the anger building inside of him. How he did it, I had no idea. 
"Really?" I asked him. "Are you serious?"
"As long as you make it home by at least nine."
He gave me a curfew. God, what kind of relationship was this? I left soon after, only one person in mind.
* * *
"I'm happy you came," Seth said. His dimples showed as he smiled wide at me. 
"Me too," I said, paranoid that somehow Dean could see me with another guy. Like he hadn't trusted me enough to go out alone, and he was watching me.
I wrapped my arms around myself as Seth and I walked down a street that was crowded with people. A chill made goosebumps cover my arms and legs. I knew I should've worn more than a sundress but I couldn't help but want to impress Seth.
Even if I wasn't that much to look at, I wanted to look like I had tried.
When our fingers brushed and Seth hooked his pinky onto mine, a voice in my head said, You have a boyfriend.
An abusive one, I retorted. 
I shivered again only slightly, hoping Seth hadn't noticed.
"Cold?" he asked, tilting his head, his nose crinkling in the most adorable way ever. 
"No," I said even though I kind of was. 
He still wrapped an arm around me and pulled me closer, sharing his body heat.
At first I stiffened, until finally, I relaxed. I could still feel the chilling sensation of eyes watching me.
I could feel myself relaxing into him as the night went on and we ate dinner at a small, but nice resterant. 
When he leaned over and smiled at me, our faces close, I could see freckles on his nose.
His eyelashes were crazy long, too.  He was too sweet. Gentle. Playful. Everything Dean wasn't. Tried to be, but just...couldn't be.
All I could see when I looked at Dean was his fists, and his angry, angry eyes.
When Seth held my hand under the table, I thought, This isn't your life, Haden. I knew it wasn't. But I could't help but wish it was. When the waiter came with the check, I reached into my purse to pay half, but Seth stopped me.
"Hey, I'm the guy. I'll pay," he rolled his eyes like I was being silly.
"But that's for dates," I said, in a mock scolding tone.
A sly grin stretched across his face. "I was under the impression that this was a date." I could feel myself blushing.
"I have a boyfriend," I said.
"As you keep telling me," he said and I could've sworn I heard envy in his tone.
I excused myself to the bathroom, humming to myself almost happily as I made my way to the ladies room and that's when I felt a vice like grip on my arm, pulling me roughly out of the resterant's back door, panic filling me quickly. 
I closed my eyes tight when I heard his menacing, dark voice in my ear.
"You've been a very bad girl." His voice was full of promise. Promise to hurt me.
He'd found me. And now I was going to pay for it.
I could only feel the brutal kicks to my ribs, and punches to my face, and I prayed to black out soon.
But I never did. Blow after blow, I felt it all.

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                                                                                    (chapter five)
Dean was better. For the next two weeks, I felt safe.
But also nervous, waiting for him to snap again. Waiting to see his eyes darken and raise his fist at me. 
Dean smiled at me while we laid on the couch in his living room.
He leaned up to kiss me and I flinched backwards, swallowing hard. He stared at me with slightly widened eyes.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing,"  I said too quickly. 
"Do you not want to kiss me?" he asked quietly, his eyes cast downwards.
"It's not like that," I said in a small voice. He just nodded and I couldn't contain the surprise on my face at the fact that he hadn't gotten angry. Maybe he really had changed. My heart already felt lighter.
He walked towards his kitchen and I could hear him ruffling through the fridge.
"Babe!" I heard him call out from the kitchen. "Joe's having a party tonight. You're coming right?"
I bit my lip, thinking of the first time we went to a party. Also the first time he had hit me.
"Yeah," I answered. "Sure."
* * *
"You're going to put a jacket on, right?" Dean asked, eyeing the blue dress I had on that was tight, but not too tight. 
"It's hot out, though," I said.
His jaw clenched. 
"Yeah," he said and it sounded like he had to choke it out. I held his hand tight in my own. 
He had just swallowed his anger. I smiled. A really, real big smile.
He noticed. I felt him smiling as he kissed the side of my head.
When we got to the party, I could feel the grass vibrating under my feet from how loud the music was playing. I felt Dean's arm cover my waist possesively, and I said nothing. Girls and guys smiled at us, but mostly at Dean.
I was only known as Dean's girlfriend.
"Stay close, okay?" he whispered against my jaw line. I nodded, looking around us.
He trailed through the party, grinning and drinking beer. I wanted to stay sober, so I settled on soda. 
While he played beer pong in the backyard with his friends, I sat on a stool, twirling my cup around. 
"Hey," a voice said. I looked up to see Seth, his dimples and all.
"Hi," I said shyly.
"You look..." he trailed off. I felt myself blushing. I crossed my arms over my chest.
"I look what?" I asked cheekily, smiling and looking at him from under my lashes. 
Surprise jolted through me. Was I flirting with him?
When he grinned and leaned a little closer, I had my answer.
He tilted his head. "Miss Haden, I thought you had a boyfriend," he said in a teasing tone that made me laugh but also look around for where my boyfriend was. I saw him in the corner of my eye, whooping and grinning after he won a round of beer pong.
I breathed a sigh of relief. I was safe.
I turned back to Seth, simply smiling at him.
I examined him as he was looking at me. He really was handsome. With wavy brown hair that was cut short, and brown eyes that were warm and nothing like Dean's, just looking at him made me feel a little flushed.
"So," I said, swinging my legs.
"Want to go for a walk?" he asked me, raising his eyebrows.
I nodded. 
What the hell was I doing!
I still followed him out as we walked on the sidewalk. I took off my heels, and like the sweetheart he was, he held them for me. I bit my lip while he wasn't looking, thinking about how much sweeter he was than Dean.
I closed my eyes. I shouldn't be doing this.
Flirting. Walking with someone while I'm taken.
Because we were doing more than walking. Every few seconds our hands would brush and Seth would play with my fingers. Then he would send a smirk my way that was anything but conceited. It was gentle. Playful.
So when he asked, "When can I see you, Miss Haden?"
I said, "Soon," and gave him my number.
And I smiled that whole night, even while I drove a passed out Dean home. 
Half asleep, my phone vibrated under my cheek and I jolted awake, barely noticing Dean sleeping beside me, snoring loudly.
On the screen of my phone it said: Text from Seth.
I read it and grinned, my heart filling up with something. Something like happiness.
You looked beautiful tonight.

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