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Hiii, my name's Amy. I fell from heaven on 26th January 1998. Yes, I do have a twin sister(OneDirection2012). Pleeease follow me, I put soo much effort into my quotes! Thankyouu guys. I love you all fellow wittians.. - Profile Counters

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Maybe You're Looking ,But You're Not Actually Seeing....
-A Cinderella Story

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I hate it when. . .

I walk into a room and forget what I went there for. ♥

Today I heard a girl saying to her mates;
*I hate it when people are half dressed in their pictures, it's so ugly.*
But to be honest.... she does it as well :L

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By just being there 


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And who else wonders...

How old everyone on here is. Sorry, I think this a lot and I'm gonna get a lot of vent from this and complaining buut... fave if your 15 and under and comment if you're 16+.

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i love it how...
I always manage to emabarrass myself at every second I get the chance to, but to be honest, I don't really care when I do, I'm one of those people who can laugh at themselves but sometimes it hurts. Like when my mum sent my lunch to school because I'd forgotten it, the whole class laughed at me and made me feel like a 3 year old. Vulnerable. It hurt. A lot. But I knew that it wasn't actually a big deal. It couldv'e happened to anyone. Then today I got called out of a lesson (private reason) and the whole class wanted to know about it. As you'd guess, I didn't tell anyone. Oh how I love Karma.(Is that how you spell it?)

I wrote this because I want you Wittians to know that whoever laughs at you, bullies you, says horrible things to you... whatever anyone does to you. Please know that if you need someone to talk to, I'm always here. (Unless I'm at school, but I pratically live on Witty.) And also please know that you're SO much better then those people. Don't sink to their level. Karma will come back for them. Thank you so much for reading this, I know not many will because its long.
A big Witty hug from me to all of you (:

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Depression is not a word that you can just fling about and use how you like...

People suffer from it. No matter how bad your life seems, a doctor would NOT tell you that you were depressed. I'm sorry but you can manage to walk about outside. You can talk to people and you can get advice from people on here. People with depression can't do these kind of things. 

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So today at school 
i found out that,
a girl hates me,
because i'm 'too
quiet'... WTH is
wrong with some
people these days?!
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And Who Else;
Likes to eat the long spaghetti straight from the packet.
Just Me?♥

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