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Quotes by iLuvCupcakesBro

We are never ever ever getting back together.
Can we forget the past?
I miss you. I mean it.

"&if love was made of glass;

could we pick up the pieces?<3"

But every girl can dream.
~Jason Derulo lyrics.


nmf/ MQ I think it is onedirections format, but not sure,. someone stole it from her. lol

It's the key to everything in life

But rember
 You can't make a rainbow without a little rain..& if all else fails music is always on your side ;)

mq.| Format: AngieCupcake


Memory #3

~when you used to always be on my side, no matter what. <3



Memory #2

~how we were the relationship everyone was like, you two are still going out. <3


Memory #1

~when we used to skype video call and just look at each other for up to 5 hours, without talking, just looking at each other <3.

♥The mini heart attack when you think you've sent a message to the wrong person♥

When your finally happy and life is perfect,that's when everything starts crumbling down, and your left to pick up the peices and build yourself up again, and the longer it takes the stronger you get. Then,after you've been broken too many times, everything becomes a lie.
---------- all because of that one person----------
100%  my  quo t e   /   n m f.

when I look back..

 we really were in love.


&baby your all that I want when your lying here in my arms I'm finding it hard to believe we're in heaven♥