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Hey my name iz like Meghin!!!! ?o yea !!! i hope ya*ll like da quote? i put up s00n!

Quotes by iMjUsTkRaZiMe2008

~Y~ I*m CoNvInCiNg MySeLf ~Y~
☼ye§ !*ll f!nd §ome1 new☼
†*I won*t be alone & I won*t be w. u*†
*~ U*r waiting 4me 2crawl back to ur §ide~*
?but no BaB! not thi§ time?
*!*m keepin my pride §o goodbye 4ever*
☼ I*ll be on my way☼
~Y~ It*s gonna take time ~Y~
Y but I'll be okay Y

*****change da Y 2 webdingz on ur font 2 make a heart!!!****
******Y* we had the right love, but the wrong time*Y****** *******************************but******************************* *Y*maybe it's not over - maybe the best has yet to come*Y*

***** change da *Y* 2 da webdings thng on da font*****
U a§ked me wut wu§ wrong
~n~ I §aid *Nuthng*
then u turn away and a§ da tear§
came down I whi§pered
¤friendship brought us together¤
¤laughter got us through¤
¤life will take us our own ways¤
¤and love will make our dreams come true¤
*Y*Love is when you miss him even before he leaves.*Y* *Y*When you listen to him talk all night and never get tired of hearin his voice.*Y*
*Y*When the sound of his name sends chills down you're spine.*Y*
*Y*And you see his smile the second you close you're eyes.*Y*

*** change da *Y* in2 Webdings********
i used to count my valentines
couting one by one
putting in neat little piles
until there were none
but one year
i found your's
i thought to myself
the rest didn't matter
just to know that u felt that way
made me flatterd
<3 Love i§ like a drug<3
**once u have a taste**
$~$ you become$~$
*****2 !t*****
*<3 We d!dn*t la§t long<3*
?¿gez we wuzn*t ment to b?¿
<33o babi i miss u<33
?¿d0 u mi§§ me¿?
§*Ju§t becau§e your dream§ have died*§
*~Don*t drag me down I*ve §till got mine~*
☼*☼ I used to count my valentines And tally up thex*§
xx( `v` ) xxx §core then wait to §ee if anyone would §end
x x `v` xxxme anymo I u§ed to count my valentine§,
But now that Ive met you, Ive lost my need for
counting 1 valentine will do.