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Hey my name iz like Meghin!!!! ?o yea !!! i hope ya*ll like da quote? i put up s00n!

Quotes by iMjUsTkRaZiMe2008

☼*☼ I used to count my valentines And tally up thex*§
xx( `v` ) xxx §core then wait to §ee if anyone would §end
x x `v` xxxme anymo I u§ed to count my valentine§,
But now that Ive met you, Ive lost my need for
counting 1 valentine will do.
<3fir§t we were dating<3
☼know we r friend§ ☼
~*th!§ bac ~n~ forth §tuff neva end§ *~
¿u luv me not u luv me so ¿
<3wit all thi§ back & forth §tuff i don*t know<3
?¿u have a girl~*~i'm alone¿?
†*but it is cool cause we talk on the phone*†
<3 i luv u and always will<3
?¿☼but i needed 2 express how i feel☼¿?
Y do we live life when we no we*re gonna die §ooner or l8ter? n Y do we g.o w. boiz when we no their gonna break our heartz? n Y do we think they luv us n we no its all fun and gamez? 0 well i guess i will neva no?¿?
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