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(: Under construction but for now, if you wna no bout me

Name's Monica. Hoping you can figure out the rest :P Obviously, this ain't my layout but i just loved it. Anyways, my experience is worth alot of years but in truth, i'm 12. My mom expected me on October4th but nupe, I came out on the 1st. I'm a nebie at witty still considering I erased all my failure quotess and yeahh. I love reading and writing so check out my writing account on iWriteMoon and read, love, fav, follow, rate, and feedback but I haven't been writing lately so srryy. I'm asian, specifaclly Korean but i frking no more english than korean cuz i suck at it >w<'''' Anywayyss, i'd rather be on witty than facebook and him is always on my mind <3 but i don't no anymore. We told each long time ago, ovr a year, but evr since that fucking fucktard came into my life,i just want to get a knife and.. cut some cake. i like choclate cake the best thoughh. anyweays, im out

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The awkward moment during class?
»When a teacher stands over you while doing your work 0-0«

Funniest thing in class?
»When a teacher disses another student :)«

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 am I the only one who does that on facebook? 

Today, I was looking for nail polish remover.
I opened the cabinet under the sink in my sister's bathroom and a
JUMBbottlof ketchup
fell out. I have never  been so
»I was in New York and two men were walking down 43rd wit
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I learned that gold fished have...


Today I rode a roller coaster. It was tall and went very fast. About halfway through, I got freaked out and grabbed my sister's hand. As I was getting off the roller coaster, I became aware that my sister had been in the seat BEHIND me, not in the one beside me. 

I still don't know whose

hand I held on that ride...



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Starting to get confused or nervous...
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