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ABOUT ME- Hello, My name is Jessica but just about everyone calls me Jessi. im 14 years young. i blow out the candles on June 11th every year. I am a energetic person, but i am also very shy. I'm not that talkative. but i can talk non-stop with my friends. im in the 9th grade as of June 22, 2010. Without my friends i dont know who i would be(probaly some loser low life). Im pretty laid back. but if u piss me off then i get mad. My friends and myself cant picture me fighting anyone weather its physically or verbaly. Im pretty nice, im friends with everyone and anyone whos nice. I love to Dance around the house listen to Classic Rock(which is perty odd but i love oldies) I love my dogs Ginger and Suka. I've grown apart from one of my closest friends this year. but she let it happen. she changed and that upset me so much. I still consider her a good friend but we are not as close as we once were. I could care less about what i wear. im most comfortable in shortshorts n a Huge oversized Sweatshirts. so im rambaling. If you wanna no more about me dont b afraid to ask. (: 


FRIENDS(sofar/on here)

HelloBrooklyn aka Amy!<3
RazzmicRachh aka Rachel


MUSIC- Everything from Country to Screamo
             All Time Low
             Cobra Starship
             Bowling for soup
             Simple Plan
 (many more cant think or them)



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Steve 5 years ago
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Welcome! Let me know if you need help. I made this site.
DesAndNateQuotes 1 decade ago
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Well, hey there.
I happened to see your quote about DesAndNate.
That's pretty sick that you like them.
Do you think you could check out my profile, and maybe favorite some of my quotes and spread the word and such? :]
Thanks, bro.
Fair Winds.
iMustBeDreaming 1 decade ago
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