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we are the walking dead 

lydia | 15 | band freak

\ this is the moment that seperates you from everyone else
to everyone who's believed in us through the highs and so many
lows, we did it and no one can ever take this away
I am supposed to be here
I was born to be here
I can, I am /

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Quotes by demons*

If I Eat:
- I will get even fatter
- Nobody will like me if I'm fat
- I will never be good enough for him or for anybody
- People will talk about me and how I was doing so well, but then I gained weight again
- I will hurt myself
- I will regret it
- I will be unhappy forever

If I Don't Eat:
- I will feel weightless
- I will lose weight
- I will be pretty and I will be good enough for everyone
- I will love myself
- He will finally notice me
- No more people laughing at me
- My self esteem will get higher
- People will give me compliments, no more criticizing
- I will not need to purge
- I will not cut myself, nor hurt myself
- I will be happy when I'm skinny
- I will see my bones
- I will not be ashamed of anything
- I will be that pretty girl I always wanted to be


Expectation: PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!
Reality: Peeing with the door open


f o r m a t   j i m m y 3 6 5  |  f u n n i e s


*Eats         alphabet       soup*
Chokes on the D

Parents: Your room is a mess!
Me: You should see my life.


Be who you are no matter what, I swear to go you are the most beautiful fu//cking people.-Alex Gaskarth 

People: Oh my god, you're so pretty!


you're adorable as hell


No Guy Ever: You're so pretty and amazing. Will you be my girlfriend?


Friend: I miss my boyfriend
Me: So do I 
Friend: He calls me baby
Me: He calls me fan
Me: Sometimes fans like plural
So he'll be like "I love my fans!" and I'm like I love you too.


Be yourselves and fu//ck everything else.-Alex Gaskarth 

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