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Hello there stanger. My name is GinaMarie but most people call me Gina. My birthday is September 25th. I recently turned 15 years young<3 My life consits of Football, Wrestling and School. Call me a dyke, i dont care. I'm not changing for anyone.<3 I love Randy Orton will all my heart. For football its Indianapolis all the way <3.
I have by far the best friends in the world. The one person i know that is always there for me in my friend Sam. This kid is like a brother to me and i wouldn't replace him for the world... :D.. oh btwI Love popl music!
Goo Goo Dolls
The Script

Even though I'm only 15, i've been through some pretty scary things. Just rememeber to live your life to the fulliest and don't ever  let anybody ever tell you differently.

Quotes by iWannaBLoved116

Life is not meant to be lived.
W i  s h i ng  you   were 

Somebody else



Nobody's gonna

make a fool out of me

thats including you. 



I hate that
we went from BEST FRIENDS
to complete strangers. 

There was no point of wasting my 11/11/11 wish
on you

& i think thats 'him'...


He told me hes going to stop drinking

- Because  our   friendship means  to  much  to  him  


not my format*


Becaus  of    y ou  

I'm not talking to you anymore

Lets see you try to vent to a can of budlight


nmf - MissAnna

It's hard  
to be friends with someonE

you're absolutely 
[[   I  N    ]]   LOVE   W I TH 


Dear ex,
um okay...where is should i start. Its almost been an entire year. We have been through soo much together its crazy. no one knows that i still like you, but im so so happy we are just friends. Now, i love that i could say that you are one of my best friends. You were the only one there for me when i need someone the most. We talk almost everyday, we hangout, drink and have a lot of fun together and i couldn't ask for a better person in my life. Thank you for everything you have done for mee and continue to stick by my side when i need someone. LOVE YOU BESTFRIEND/ ex that i still like :)

Day 1 - Letter to a best friend. 

       Dear Bestfriend, 
 You mean so much to me. simple as that. You helped me through my roughest times and still stuck by my side to this day. When ever i need to vent to someone you're there. You give by far the best advice ever. I know we had our up's and down's in the past but i feel we are closer than ever. You make me laugh but also make me cry.....But over all i can't thank you enough for all you've done for me. It means more to me than you could ever imagine. <3
GinaMarie <3


When people ask me if i like you
I tell them no
I'm just so glad they never asked me
If i 
[Love You]