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I want to knowjust what it feels like to fall in love with someone who loves me back. </3

Confession Three:

I would rather go back to arguing with him everyday than live this life where I don't even talk to him at all.


Sometimes I almost get the nerve to just walk up to him and tell him that I'm sorry  and that I miss him.

Then I think about how I really have nothing to be sorry for and how he should be the one apologising.

I then realise that if I don't do something, then he'll probably be out of my life for good. He'll never try to make amends with me.

Oh, how I wish he would.

I've liked you ever since Freshman year.
I never knew why.
I still don't.
I thought that I was finally over you.
Since I started to like this other guy.
Well, I don't like this other guy anymore.
For a while, I liked no one.
But, the other day, when you sat by me and kept scooting closer to me against my will, I realised something; I still like you.

I wish I knew why.

Confession Two:

I think that I laugh too much.
If anything is even remotely funny, I laugh.
My laugh is annoying, too.
I've been told that it's funny.
Truthfully, I hate it.

"Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future."
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I forgive you. I just want you to be my friend again, please?


Missing you could turn from pain to pleasure, if I knew you were missing me, too.


Confession One: 

I think about him almost everyday.
I think about the friendship that no longer even exists.
I think about how much I wish that things were different.

He hurt me more than he can ever possibly realise, and I miss him more than he'll ever know. </3


Fave for confessions?

So, there is a contest on
Facebook called "the most beautiful teen."

I think that is really horrible. It's just another thing for teens to get judged about so that they feel bad about themselves.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Not my format.