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Quotes by i_still_miss_him_

OMG IM HAPPY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he finally said he was sorry....apoligized for what he did....and asked if things could be back to the way they were before
of course she said yes because her heart was jumping for joy...but thinking now...yess she wants things to be back to the way there were before.....but what was that???
im just a physco girl who has been through alot. i found someone who seemed like he really cared alot..he loved me for me and helped mee with my pains, but 1 summer night when it started to rain we got into a fight and he caused me so much pain...now im still just a physco girl whose been through alot missing the boy who stole my heart.
<33....100% mine
Girl: i love you and i always will
Boy: i love you too baby...ur my everything

2 yrs later

Girl: i love you and i always will
Boy: im sorry i dont feel the same
my sister sits inside with her boyfriend of 8 months laughing and hugging and kissing because everything is alright...i sit out here on the outside looking in wondering why everything turns our right for her, the perfect skin, the perfect hair, everything a guy could ask for and im on the soutside looking in.....my guy is no longer here for me to listenin to m crys wondering why i cant feel what shes feeling inside, hes left me cold and alone out here in the rain, the rain of my depressions, the rain of my pains, but i know ive got to move on and i know i should be the one on the inside looking out not on the outside looking in!!
100% mine...u can use but plz dont take credit for it!!
&& she sits outside listening to the rain and the happy singing of the birds, in a journal she writes quotes, break-up quotes, about how she wants him back....as she writes she rocks away her misery hoping he'll show up behind her and hold her tight and never ever let go again!!
<33.....100% mine
she dreams of him every night and how he holds her tight, she dreams of them together and how everything is alright...but the alarm ringin in her ear reminds her of the fight and the truth that everything was a dream in the night
<33...100% mine
I'm still waiting
For you to come back
I'm aching
For you to walk through that door
And hold me once more
But you won't
You rescued me in the nick of time
I was right on the edge of goin' out of my mind
I was runnin' on empty down to a crawl
Facing a future with no one at all
And just before I found out
How life without love could be
You rescued me
There is no Arizona
No pained desert,no Sedona
If there was a Grand Canyon
She could fill it up with the lies he's told her
But they don't exist,those dreams he sold her
She'll wake up and find
There is no Arizona