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hello i'm anna.

I'm just an ordinary girl from Boston.

Instagram- _as_anna_

Quotes by imonlyhuman*

When your heart breaks,

your world shakes...

All this time is was him.

I didnt know it would be.

Even though I must wait...

I'm happy to..

because its for you.

does he ever hear me when i cry

I lost the love I loved the most

~what makes you different, makes you beautiful~

-The Backstreet Boys

Replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity
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<   <   <   i   t      w   i   l   l     b   e   >   >   >

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this conversation is now over.

just got kicked out of school becuase they say they dont deal with kids who cut...

does this seem unfair to anyone else?

Inside all of us is

H     O      P      E