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heyyyy. I'm Madison. Softball is my thing. I like to chase around boys I don't have a chance with and talk. I like to eat and sleep and watch dance moms like crazy. That's all! Follow me! I'll try and follow back :)

Quotes by iamwoman

"baby, you don't know me
'cause you're dead wrong."
what doesn't kill you by kelly clarkson

"now i only have myself to blame
for fallin' for your stupid games
i wish my life could be the way it was
before i saw your
undo it by carrie underwood

"well, word on the street
is that she did to you what you
did to me."

bang bang bang by christina perri


it's kinda funny. i think
that i love you, but i don't even
know you.

"and what am i 'sposed
to say when i'm all choked up
but you're okay?"
falling to pieces by the script