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Well if you couldn't tell i am OBSESSED with "VAMPIRE DIARIES."
I think Damon is the SEXIEST vampire EVER!!! And Ian Somerhalder the SEXIEST actor EVER!!!
I'm thirteen years old... i'm crazy, random and EXTREMELY weird. And i have a very Bright personality.
I love my friends i don't know what i would do without them!

scarlettladybug328 & SilverBullet, There The Best. (I LUV U GUYS!)


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"My computer can beat you at anything.
It has all sorts of programming like chess, checkers, etc..."

I'd like to see it beat me at karate...

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That one guy you just can't get over..




Those epic conversations

you have with your best friend.

FAC-T Oceanography!

To the window

To the wall


*not mine*
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What it must feel like
to be truely happy...


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Mom- I worked all day today!

Me- Yeah well guess what mom! I had school.