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You are beautiful.

Hi girls, I'm ibelieveee. I'm here on Witty to try and help everyone in every way that I can. It's important to me that everyone is happy. You all deserve it.


Operation Beautiful: A whole website dedicated to proving to girls like you and me how beautiful we are. The idea is to leave anonymous messages in public places (like mall bathrooms!) saying how beautiful you are. It's amazing.
GivesMeHope: An incredibly uplifting website, perfect for reading through when you are down. It reminds me of the wonderful things in this crazy world. ♥Don't forget to get the free app for your iPod Touch/iPhone!
YouAreBeautiful: This is actually really cute. I literally JUST found it... as far as I can tell, it's a website showing all the places in the world where "You are Beautiful" is written. It is adorable. Haha. Really. Check it out.
Inspirational Youtube Video: Name of the link says it all. This video is amazing. I don't see how it doesn't have a million views. It's made me smile more than once, it should make you smile too. Other girls on Witty have this video up; that's how I found it (in case you were wondering!)♥
You can ask me a question in that box, it's for my formspring. :) Or you can just click the top line to go to the formspring page. 

not my border, btw. its gorgeous though, to whoever made it!

Quotes by ibelieveee

If you knew this girl you’d see that she’s not what she appears
You’d find that she strives to fit this unattainable image of perfect.
You’d find that she doesn’t feel confident about herself and just wants to fit in.
You’d find her inner beauty and that’s she’s beautiful on the outside too.
Tell this girl that she doesn’t need to adjust her personality or her looks to be “perfect.”
Tell her that that she should be confident and proud of what she has become.
Tell her that she’s beautiful.
Look in the mirror girls.
Tell her. 

this is xoeveryonesbeautifulxo's quote. she is so inspirational, and it's important that tons of girls see this. 

If anyone needs advice, I'm here for you 100%.
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Stay beautiful, girls (..and all you beautiful guys out there, too)!

Holy gooodness.
I just followed Rebecca Black (it's Friday, btw) on tumblr without even knowing it was her.

I don't know how I feel about this.

i want to fall in love.

If you need any advice I'm here for you!

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Hi lovelies!
If anyone needs advice, I'm here for you!

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you're all beautiful, i hope you have an amazing day!

Hi girls (and guys, too)!
If anyone needs help with  ANYTHING at all, I am here for you!
I know I haven't been on in a while, but I'm back now(:
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Thanks lovelies!


You know that girl who is always hiding her face?
Tell her she's beautiful, and actually mean it.
You know that girl who is considered 'popular'?
Tell her she's beautiful, and actually mean it.
You know that girl who is a striaght A student?
Tell her she's beautiful, and actually mean it.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, even if it's hard for them to see it.
Never put down anyone because what they look like.
Stay beautiful♥

Hi gorgeous!
If you need any advice, I'm here for you.
Just ask on formspring, and I'll answer ASAP!


scales are for
{ f i s h }
/not for measuring beauty/