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HI, I'm Olivia.
I'm 15.. I'm the "delinquent child" pssh I'm just haveing fun
I am not in a relationship, its really complicated
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That awkward moment when..

Someone is clearly skinner than you and they complain about how fat they are..
Like what does that make me?
A hippo?
I realize I've changed.
I had to
There was to much pain then..
I can't suffer it anymore..
I can't care.
EVERYONE thinks I'm crazy 0.o
'Cause I don't believe in commitment..
I know this sounds slutty. 
But I just don't believe in staying with one person..
It wouldn't work out.
I'd get bored to easily.. 
I NEED excitment.
So if i was in a realationship.. i'd end up cheating..
I HATE cheaters and liars..
So why be either..
I just won't be in a relationship. 
I made a mistake
I'll do it again
I know myself
i can't stop,
I'll make mistakes
Always and forever
I'll lie
I'll say I'm not going to
I'll promise
but I'll break my word
learn this before you choose
to be stupid
and join my type of world
my life
you're sweet and innocent
keep going
don't join me
I'll only hurt you..
When I think about the fact that one day..
in a few short years...
I won't be that kid anymore, the one who sits on her laptop in her room. Stuffs her face with food and waits for that one special person.
I'll be an adult... and ill still be waiting, but now i'll have to get a job..
pay bills...
be alone..
When I think about that, i get sad.
I'm done.

Still Beating
Chapter 10

That’s the word I woke up to this morning; it floated around in my head seemed to be pushing at my skull. But it seemed like anything but a mistake, it was perfect and magical! Then as I was cooking me and Ely eggs in his kitchen it hit me, the mistake, did we use protection? The shear thought that we might not have made me shake. Ely came into the kitchen and ran his hands under his shirt I was wearing and around my waste.
“It smells amazing,” He took a piece of one of the eggs.
“Yeah under cooked eggs must taste fantastic,” I laughed and turned so my chest was pressed up against his, “I have an awkward question.”
“Shoot,” He smiled and pulled me closer.
“Well did you put on a, well did we use a,” I stammered.
“Yeah,” He laughed and slid an egg onto a plate, “My dad’s a doctor he’s gone over the importance of protection more than enough!”
“Good,” I sighed and pressed a fork into an egg.
He leaned in and kissed me, “Well we’ve got to go to school.”
“Ok, I better head home.” I put the pan into the sink.
“No my parents are gone the whole week I don’t want to make you go back to your mom yet stay the night?”
“Again?” I questioned.
“Yes again,” He laughed, “Now I got to get ready.” He kissed me and went upstairs.
“Fine,” I yelled up to him then ran up the stairs to change.
Since I had no clothes to wear he let me wear his sister’s old stuff from when she was our age which was surprisingly stylish. Then we waited outside for the bus.
“Thanks again,” I kissed him.
“Anytime,” He kissed me back.
The bus rolled up and we were still kissing, that’s when I heard the shouts from his friends.
“Did she sleep over?”
“Get it in!”
“She did sleep over!”

Ely smiled and held me hand and led me onto the bus! Did this mean were a couple? I sat down next to him and the whole way I heard mocking jokes from his friends but what I noticed most was Sam glared at me all the way there!
Do you like the story and were its headed give me feedback sorry I didnt post all weeked I was visting family! :) And Im sorry about the graphicness of the last chapter if you didn't read it this is what happened: Char's mom beat he really bad and Ely came over and brought her to his house and they did it lol! Awkward!!!!!!!!
Fav/follow/feedback thanks guys



The Last character links I posted didn't worrk so here's Char's:

WATCH THIS VIDEO IT COULD SAVE A LIFE I CRIED DURING IT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9doKlyqDM9g 

I'm so sorry I'm not gonna post for a while I might have to get a surgery... and schools ending I want to sort through all that before worrying about the story I'm so sorry!