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Hey! My name is Darcie and my birthday is April 25th.
My favorite month is November because it's not too cold yet, but you can still cuddle and drink hot beverages and have soup. It's also the month where it becomes acceptable to listen to Christmas music and buy and recieve presents. The colors in November are gorgeous as well!
I hate oranges, backstabers, liars, social climbers, cancer, anxiety, cherry tomatoes and cheaters.
One day, I will live in the country and own five horses, but for now, I'm stuck in a concrete jungle.
I am fascinated by all different kinds of history and science. 
I love to horseback ride, play my cello and listen to music.

Some of my favorite bands are...

The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
Bright Eyes
The Ramones
The Clash
Leftover Crack
First Aid Kit
Fleetwood Mac
Immortal Technique
Joan Jett
The Velvet Underground
The Killers
The Sex Pistols
Bob Dylan
Leonard Cohen
Louis Armstrong
Mumford & Sons
The Smiths
Neon Trees
Paul Simon
Patti Smith
Simon & Garfunkel
The Pretty Reckless
Simple Minds
Talking Heads
The Who
Alex Day
Arctic Monkeys
Pete Seeger
Woody Guthrie
The Black Keys
Johann Sebastian Bach

Some songs I like outside these bands are...
"Brand New Key"-Melanie
"Home"-Edward Sharpe & the magnetic
"Come On Eileen"- Dexy's Midnight Runners
"No Diggity"- Blackstreet
"The City (feat. Kendrick Lamar)" -Game
"Proud Mary"-Tina Turner
"Hey MIckey"- Toni Basil
"Shakey Ground"- The Temptations
"Eye of the Tiger"- Survivor
"I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)"- The Proclaimers


Quotes by icannottellalie

"I'm not antisemetic or anything, but I support Palestine in the Israel-Palestine conflict"
Literally the goal of the Palestinian government is to kill all the Jews so yes, you are anti-semetic when you support Palestine.
What you can say is that you sympathize with all the Palestinians who are being killed or who have limited freedom and rights even though they have not done anything but do not support the Palestinians in their efforts to kill the Jews in Israel.
The most perfect moment in the world happens when I am with you.
We are lying down, both tired, and you are stretching your arms.
As you stretch, you put your arms around my whole body and as your muscles tighten you sqeeze me as tight as you possibly can.
You make me feel so perfectly warm and wanted.
I now know why people would rather die than feel alone.

I have spent three weeks in the wilderness with eight other people without a toilette, deodorant or showers. 

So from experience, when you see someone every day and spend time with them,
it's not whats on the outside that counts.

You can smell like a skunk and you can look like a skunk but still be the most radiant person in the world.

"Don't you hate when someone tells you aww you're so cute?
HONEY! I am not cute .

I am 50 Shades of SLAY!"

I'm just so weak I can't right now.

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Love is heaven

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I don't really want to climb mountains.

All I
want is to ride horses.

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Maybe it took too long for me to fall for you for a reason.
Maybe you're not amazing.

Maybe you're just average.

If it weren't for second chances,
we'd all be alone.

Life without love is meaningless. 

A Strong woman knows that the most powerful thing she can do is say no because she knows she deserves better no matter how much she wants a boyfriend