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Slim Shady Eminem

Heyy guys. I'm Lily. Let's Start off by saying, I LOVE EMINEM!! He's my homedawggggggg. Kay, you insult Eminem in front of me, I will kill you. Here are my favorite songs by Eminem
My Mom [My all time favorite hands down]
WTP, FACK, My Name Is, Cleanin' Out My Closet, Hailie's Song, Ass Like That, 
The Real Slim Shady, Cold Wind Blows, On Fire, Going Through Changes, Not Afraid, Seduction, Space Bound, 25 To Life, So Bad, Almost Famous, You're Never Over, Untitled, Love the Way You Lie, Same Song and Dance, We Made You, Lose Yourself, Stan, The Way I Am, I Need A Doctor, Superman, Talkin' To Myself, No Love, Without Me, My Band [D12] Purple Pills [D12]
Little more about me-- 
I'm 12. Yes, 12. A lot of people think I'm older. My birthday is January 24th. I really hate Bruno Mars; like REALLY hate him. Witty and Facebook creates my obsession list. Well, I don't call Eminem an obsession, because he's my priority. My favorite books are the Twilight Series, Happy Potter Series, and The Clique Series. I'm no goody-two-shoes, but I have straights As and Es [Es are excellent in behavior]. I always try. I'm Jewish. My favorite show is Boy Meets World. But I also like Switched at Birth, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, and Family Guy. But I love all ABC Family shows. I have a brother, two dogs, love them to pieces. Not my brother, my dogs :] I cuss like way too much.... but I didn't in my profile [okay only once or twice...] because I didn't want to. :P 
My YouTube account: iceberg124x. Check it out!!!
brother from another mother♥

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has anyone else noticed witty is diffrerent? not format wise, but sentimental wise.

(sorry not pretty... had no time)
witty sucks bye
You will die alone with 72 cats

I know


Fave this
if you know what it's like to be forgotten



One more empty seat
at the dinner table
One more reason
to cry
One more person
to pray for
One more selfless person
 who risked their life for others
One more dad
who won't see his kids get married
One more mom
 who won't hug her daughter when she gets in a fight at school
One more quote
 that's dedicated to those people that died on 9/11
                               I promised myself I'd never do this but...

fav for confessions


I love summer homework
especially wheni wait till the last day of summer
 to do the homework 

The best rappers ever.
Marshall Mathers
Slim Shady
B Rabbit
That white guy in D12