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love forever.
Hi there. My name is Sarah. I'm fifteen years old, going to be sixteen on October 23rd. I'm your typical teenager, crushing on a boy who could care less, has a witty, facebook, tumblr, formspring, yanno how it is. I know how it is to be left alone, where you feel like no one is there for you. I have lived quite a harsh life; but I don't want any pity. I'm too scared to tell anyone about any pain I've ever been through. I don't like losing people or trusting people. I'm physically tough, mentally weak. I have a hard time accpeting people's opinions of me, but that's just something I'll have to I learn to take as I get older. I do not find myself the least bit attractive either. I find it hard to believe when someone says I am attractive. I love music, can't go a day without it. I have a few close friends; maybe two. On a good day. I am going into high school to be a freshman. Or fresh meat, woo. I love to talk. About anything. So just leave a comment. Need someone to talk to? I'm here. Need some help? I'm here. Just want to talk? I'm here.

Quotes by iced_tea

The obnoxious boy in class asked

our teacher for a pen.

Him:   "Toss it!  Toss it!"  Then her...

"I would but I'd end up throwing it at your head."



 my   teacher   told   me   she     was moving my seat; why?
apparently you turn around too much to talk to me.     


  It'ThTrust That I'm Scared About  

 Admit it;
 you   love    him    way 
more  than you'd ever
 say.                               ♥


are you trying to insult me?
or  are  you  giving  me  a  list  of  your  nicknames?

Thworst feeling?
being in love with someone you cant have. 


try your best not to laugh.♥    

Here'a Condom
   wanna act like a dick?
put it on your head.

 now you can dress likeone too.

He is out there.♥