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Quotes by iceicebaaaby

you say you worry about me all the time, but you never seem to act like it. 

call it a curse, or just call me blessed, 
if you can't handle my worst, you ain't getting my best.

is this how Marilyn Monroe felt?


"people seriously need to stop being so depressing and be happy for once jesus!"
there is a difference between being depressed and being negative about things, get your facts straight
before you go writing stupid attention-seeking, just-for-likes statuses. and depression isn't something
people can get over easily, it's always going to be there whether it's at it's worst or not so bad that day.
please stfu and stop judging people before you know their story. this is why i hate facebook so much.

forever feeling worthless.


i don't like the fact that people who used to get top quotes, with quotes that actually mean something,
don't get them anymore. it's all One Direction now. don't get me wrong, i understand the whole fandom thing, i'm a fangirl myself,  and i like to know facts and quotes by my favorite artists and celebrities
but i don't want it all over Witty.
can someone not set up some website where you post all your quotes? or is there already one?
because i miss logging on and finding quotes which i could actually relate.


i'm feeling happy at the moment,
i just hope something doesn't come
along and mess it up.



                                                        S O  L E T  M E

give your heart a break


trying to keep myself busy so i don't have a breakdown, 
it seems to be working :)


"Cross the line if you're constantly paranoid that everyone hates you, and it makes it seem like you're fishing for compliments."
story of my life.

cross the line if... on twitter

"people say that they can't run away
from their problems well yeah they
just weren't running fast enough"
Alo - Skins