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hi! wow I am amazed that someone has actually come to my page. my name is Alice and I am 13 years old. I would really like a witty friend so if you are interested then leave a comment please!  I love dogs but I have a cat and 3 fish and i used to have a gerbil but sadly it died :(. My hobbies are WITTY, facebook and listening to music. I love chocolate, sweets and cake also biscuits are nice! My aspiration in life is to become a teacher. Also I want to raise money for a charity and go out to Africa to build a school or well or something. I love helping people and I also love little children! If I don't become a teacher I want to be a lawyer or a soliciter. I also love PARTYS!

Quotes by iceicebailey

On December 6th wear a black ribbon on your wrist if you've ever
self harmed
starved yourself 
have been suicidial. 
If you see someone else with the ribbon, go up to them and hug them or tell them to stay strong. 
Spread the word. 
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Love is like a rubber band 
you both pull and
then if someone lets go
the one that held on gets hurt
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me:*hit my bro in the face with a book* facebook
my bro:*hits me in the head with his phone*headphone


the funny thing is that I stole his phone afterwards

true story

fake friends-never ask for food
real friends-are the reason you have no food
fake friends-call your parents mr/mrs
real friends-call your parents mom/dad
fake friends-have never seen you cry
real friends-cry with you
fake friends-borrow your stuff and give it back after a few days
real friends-borrow your stuff for so long that they forget that its yours
fake friends-know about you...
real friends-could write your biography
fake friends-knock on the door
real friends-come straight in and say "i'm home"
fake friends-will help you up if you fall over
real friends-will jump on top of you and shout "PILE ON"
fake friends-are around for a while
real friends-are forever
fake friends-say "i love you" as a joke
real friends-say "i love you" and mean it
fake friends-will read this
real friends-will steal this

hey i just met you

and this is crazy
but youre a wizard
 so come to wizard school maybe

did you know
that typewriter is the longest word you can write only using the top row of the keyboard