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hi! wow I am amazed that someone has actually come to my page. my name is Alice and I am 13 years old. I would really like a witty friend so if you are interested then leave a comment please!  I love dogs but I have a cat and 3 fish and i used to have a gerbil but sadly it died :(. My hobbies are WITTY, facebook and listening to music. I love chocolate, sweets and cake also biscuits are nice! My aspiration in life is to become a teacher. Also I want to raise money for a charity and go out to Africa to build a school or well or something. I love helping people and I also love little children! If I don't become a teacher I want to be a lawyer or a soliciter. I also love PARTYS!

iceicebailey's Favorite Quotes


you're a wh


the moment you realize
that your bones are made of the same dust
as the planets,
your lungs are breathing the same air
as the migrating butterflies,
and your blood is pumping because
of the love and care of thousands;

is when you realize
that you are not as broken
as you think you are.
you are full
of the world.


fool-proof plan to find out if boy likes you:
1. text them and start playing that 20q's game
2. if they start being a dodgy fella, drop em
3. if they ask "you like anyone?" rply, yeah you
4. if they give you a negative reply saying they don't like you back then just correct yourself to "yeah, you?"


who cares about hashtags
when there are hashbrowns



Super White Girl Problems #2429
The guy you like;
never texts back.

The guy you don't like;
doesn't leave you alone.




Super White Girl Problems #2430
When a hot boy
hugs your friend, and then
gives you a pity hug.




Super White Girl Problems #2431
Regretting giving that
guy your number. "Oh look,
it's another text."




Super White Girl Problems #2432
Using Halloween as
an excuse to dress like
a wh--re.




Super White Girl Problems #2433
When a guy smells
like Axe and you actually act
like the girls in the




Super White Girl Problems #2434
When you look
forward to autumn just so
you can wear leggings and
make it look like you
have a butt.