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i'm sarah. witty got so gay. i hate it. so i'm leaving. bye.

Quotes by icheer526

Don't say goodbye
Cause I don't wanna hear those words tonight
Cause maybe it's not the end for you && I
&&although we knew
This time would come for me_and_you
Don't say anything tonight
If you're gonna say--->


He couldn't take one more day
Home was more his prison now
Independence called out
He had to get it
A fight was all he needed
To give him reason
He grabbed the bike with no goodbye
And knew that it was time
Now he's biking too fast
He didn't want to glance behind
And through his tears he laughed
It's time to kiss the past goodbye
"I'm finally on my own
Don't try to tell me no
There's so much more for me
Just watch what I will be"
He biked away
Couldn't say why he was leaving
She biked away
He left all he had believed in
He biked away
Not a day goes by
For the one he's left behind
They're always asking why
And thoughts of him consume their mind
God please let him know
The love we tried to show
We'd promise anything
If you'd just bring him home
Tell her we love him
Tell him she's wanted
One more thing God
Tell him please come home
Please come home
The choice is yours alone, Keith
Tell me how this story ends.

last night, my boyfriend keith ran away. i never got to say goodbye and he doesn't have his phone. he called me from a payphone, but the conversation was for only a few seconds. the longest he's run away before was for six months. i pray to God it's no where near as long as it was before. keith, i know there's no way you could read this, but i'll say it anyway;; please, babe, come home. we love you, we miss you, and we all need you. think of what you're doing to josh& adian& chris& zack& shawn& taylor& mo& louis. we all love you sooo much, you are so important to us. i love you, nothing you do can change that. please.

**the lyrics above are to She walked away;; by barlow girl. i changed them a little.

you be the lock, i'll be the key

what's it gonna take for you to  give me my goodnight kiss?

I Wear My Pants Below My Waist
And I Never Dance When I’m In This Place
Cause You And Your Man Is Plannin To Hate
And I Got These Golds Up In My Mouth
If You Get Closer To My House
Then You Know What I’m Talking Bout
&& There's Just Something About;;
staying awake all night on the phone
with the guy that you totally like
and not sleeping for even a mintue
then going to your best friend's house
for the rest of the daay.
believe me-->
best day ever.

&&Sometimes you just need someone, or somebody.
Somebody to laugh with when you make a mistake,
Someone to hold you when your world starts to break,
Somebody who cares,
Someone who would stay up all night cause you and your boyfriend had a fight,
Somebody who listens,
Sometimes, all you need is someone,
Someone to mend your broken heart, fix the holes before you fall apart,
Sometimes you need a friend,
Someone who will sing in the rain,
Somebody who rarely causes you pain,
Sometimes you just need someone,
Someone to call your bud, laugh so hard when you sled in the mud,
Sometimes you need that someone,
Thank you for always being my somebody,
I promise to always be yours..

ohkay this is what my best friend wrote to me<3 i criiiiied =]
i love you nuggget.

what is love...

is it going to any extent, physically and emotionally, to make sure he is happy, safe and knows that he means the world to you...
is it wanting so badly for him to feel that he is the most important person in your life...
is it putting his wants and needs before your own. ..
is it thinking about him every second of everyday, and wanting to see his beautiful smile just one more time...
is it the want for everything to be absolutely perfect for him...
is it the thought of the future that you will share with him...
is it the unmatched passion that you want to express but cant possibly find the right words to say...
is it the time where you say those three little words and for the first time actually mean it...
is it the time that you spend together and feel like your on top of the world...
is it the first time laying together under the stars and thinking you could spend the rest of you life with him...
is it holding his hand and looking into his eyes, seeing the two of you together til the very end of time...
is it a feeling experienced when you first meet him...
is it not knowing the word to say...
is it wanting to see him at this very instant...
is it just knowing that he thinks the same questions...
is it changing who you are for him...
is it changing your future so that you can stay together...
is it the little things about him which i adore the most...
is it the time in your life where you are the happiest...
is it looking at every other person, guy or girl, and wondering if they are jealous...
is it admitting that you’ve never felt this was before and you don’t ever want that feeling to leave...
is it having more respect for him than your own family, and best friend...
is it the time when he pust the ring on my finger and with tears of happiness in my eyes manage to say i do...
is it the time when you think to yourself that he is the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen...
is it the thought that your not good enough for him and she deserves so much more than you could ever offer...
is it even real...
is it something that will ever be solved...
is it something that ill ever know?

no creditt. it's my friend's&&i got it offa his facebook. i changed it from saying "her/she" to "him/his"