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heyyyyyy people whats up how ya doinn.. oh wait idc how your doing jk lmao hi im jamiee i blow my candles out october 18 for the 15th time this year im very athletich and loud!! i play volleybball and i usta swim last year  but nnon of thts important to me now my life revolves around my friends my cat hurdles volleyball and of course witty well if you wanna know more hmu and follow vbswag7  later Photobucket

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Quotes by icyemolove4ever

i miss when witty popular and the top quotes had more than just 60 favs

bout time your getting your child taken away and gettoing thrown in jail!!!
you may be his cousin but i dont care i dont like you never have never will!! end of story dont like it i dont care (:
the way my boyfriend makes me feel <3
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i wont be able to get on witty till i get a new computer charger!!
ps my computers allmost dead :((( im gonaa dieeeee with out it!!!
hes got nerve to txt me i hate this mofooo
when i go back to school and he so much as touches me were gonna have problems!!!


no matter how hard i try

what i do

what i say

i will never be good enough

i wanna be someones

that heart dropping moment when your eatting what you think is an amazing bag of popcorn then all of a sudden theres a nasty pice and you dont even want it anymore