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Quotes by idciamme

When everything seems to be going against you,

remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

Henry Ford


Sometimes I wish you still loved me...
Then I realized you gave up on me.

A year and a half self harm clean. <3
Thank you people of wittyvile.
I have seen 3/4 of my ex's this week.
Why does my heart still love my first love?
I had this dream last night that my Ex came and confessed his love for me...

Obviously it's a dream, I'll end up alone with my cats.
I got butterflies from a random guy from church I just met.
I don't even know his name.
I'm just going to pretend I love being ignored...
My heart still belongs

to someone it shouldn't.
I broke up with my boyfriend on Saturday.

I think I am hurting more than he is.