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Oh this witty is just for fun.
Probably because witty is good. 
But yeah, so you should probably follow me because im like the coolest person you will ever see on here, just kidding im not, hah oh, forgot,probably.
Okay, I will stop now. 

Quotes by idciammyself

"I can't fall for you, can't give my all to you, can't let you think that imma let the game stall for you."

They changed the amazon website layout :(
"True Love Is Putting Someone Else Before Yourself." - Olaf
"Boy toy named Troy, used to live in Detroit." 
Yass Slay. 
its cute.
Follow me, 
I follow you, 
That means you too Alayna. 

Sleep is my drug.
Bed is my dealer.
Alarm is the cops.
School is the jail.
I think im finally fat enough to be a good "roll model" 
Dr. Suess explains pregnancy

What is a womb?
Well, a womb is a room.
A womb is a room.
Where a kid'll be soon.

A womb is all squishy.
All moist and magenta.
And if there's a kid,
Then it's full of placenta.

But the kid must be small,
If there is one at all.
Just the size of a bean.
Or the size of a ball.

When the kid gets too big.
Then it's time to get out.
When it happens to you,
You will probably shout.

You will shout, you will yell.
You will roll on the floor,
Cos the kid must come out,
Of a very small door.
So iOS 8 took 15 centuries to download, but that U2 album appeared on our phones in the blink of an eye. OKAY APPLE.