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Heyy What's up My name is Rachel:) Im 15, and i blow my candles out on December 28th! Im really really energentic, and some people can't handle it, but if you ca

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Well hey, at least he doesn't hate me anymore:) 

Mirror on the wall
Here we are
Through my rise and fall 
You've been my only friend
You told me that they can

Wouldn't be alive without this song..


Just kill me</3

It feels so right to be here with you

That moment

When nobody care, no one understands, and you are left alone wondering what you did wrong.

Nothing makes me smile anymore.Nothing.!
OHkay honny,

If you're gonna make a status about me..AT LEAST tag me in it, i'm going to read it anyways.
I just want help. I just want help. Please help me.!

What's the point of even trying anymore, if every time i fail.

I'm done trying. I'm done living.