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Hii! :) Sorry not telling you my name but
anyways im 15 years old. Born on January 24!
Things I like:
Four weeling, dirtbiking and all that stuff
Music (fav is country or anything by JB)
Justin Bieber <3
Josh Hutcherson
Hunter Hayes
Hunting & Fishing
Hunger Games and Harry Potter! <3
anyways follow me I follow back!:)

Quotes by if0only0you0knew

umm well i dont know how this happened but i guess me and him are going to my christmas formal together?! :D <3 i gotta start looking for a dress!! its only like 2 months away!
no one knows how I feel. How do you tell them how you feel when you know you can never be fixed?
sick on picture day.. yupp thats just my luck!
maybe its not hard for you, everyone talks to you and are friends with you but not me.. its hard when you dont have no one to talk to so dont tell me its not because you have not one clue of how it is. sorry guyss just a vent
PJ's on at 6 pm on a friday... yupp i have an exciting life!
Third day of school and im already tired of it all.
WOW! really?! starting rumors and drama the first day of school?! well dont expect me to play nice. because it wont be like that at all! and trust me thats a promise.
the most annoying thing ever: when someone starts texting you first then they just don't reply..