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Hii! :) Sorry not telling you my name but
anyways im 15 years old. Born on January 24!
Things I like:
Four weeling, dirtbiking and all that stuff
Music (fav is country or anything by JB)
Justin Bieber <3
Josh Hutcherson
Hunter Hayes
Hunting & Fishing
Hunger Games and Harry Potter! <3
anyways follow me I follow back!:)

Quotes by if0only0you0knew

You can't fly unless you let yourself fall~*
How can you not tell that I like you? please open your eyes because I need to be seen...
soo happy I finally told my two best friends who I like :)
Talking on the phone with my bestfriend*

Her: Well im gonna go to bed, I need my beauty sleep.
Me: You don't need beauty sleep... you need to hibernate.

This is why we are bestfriends
Talking on the phone with my best friend*

Me: I never tanned or even burned this summer....
Her: You can't burn or tan thru a window....

and this is why i love my friends :)
Me: I never go anywhere... im sooo bored
Parents: You never wanna leave the house its not our foult..
Me: I needa drive to *******'s house i got PLANS to get out of the house
Parents: I'm working at 6 in the am maybe another day
Me: .... and you wonder why I never leave the house
Im the kind of girl who is scared to tell the guy I like that I like him because i wouldn't want to go out with him if he felt the same and then one day break up and it be awkward between us so instead I cry over him everynight and wgen someone ask I simply say i dont like him and that we're just friends.. hoping that one day... maybe..hopefully.. i'll get over him.
*Me and my best friends convo last night*

Friend: he's ugly
Me: don't you dare call him ugly! -.- he's cute! he already thinks he's ugly he doesn't need other people thinking it too!
Friend: aww look your standing up for your boyfriend
Me: he's not my boyfriend... we're just friends...
Friends: omg! yous would make a cute couple
Me: no we wouldnt we're just friends!
Mind: I know we would! we're like perfect for each other.

Friends: You know you like him!
Me: no i dont!
Mind: are you kidding.. like him...HA.. i wish i JUST liked him

And lately you're all I think of
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