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Hii! :) Sorry not telling you my name but
anyways im 15 years old. Born on January 24!
Things I like:
Four weeling, dirtbiking and all that stuff
Music (fav is country or anything by JB)
Justin Bieber <3
Josh Hutcherson
Hunter Hayes
Hunting & Fishing
Hunger Games and Harry Potter! <3
anyways follow me I follow back!:)

if0only0you0knew's Favorite Quotes

 do you ever get so annoyed
at everything

that you start to get mad at even little things
like a spoon clinking against a bowl
or sounds of people talking?


Life is unfair. You put someone first who puts you second. You study your
a.ss off for a final and you only get a C. You give 110% to someone in a relationship who only gives 40%. You're there for a best friend at 3:00am and the next day they don't pick up the phone. It seems you're giving everyone everything and they're just walking away with it.
Those pretty pink lines,
they litter my pale skin,
the reminders of
all those the lonely nights;
leaving me feeling lost and lonely.

This Is For All The Kids... 

Who cut their skin to feel better.
Who bruise their bodies
and skip a meal.
Who strive for perfection, 
even though they’re already beautiful.
Who feel as though nobody cares
and like the world would be better off without them.
Who let the monsters in their head, rule their lives. 

I love you. Each and every one of you. I may just be some random person with a quote, but guess what…I’d be sad to know I could never hear from you again.

I know life isn’t the way we pictured it. I know sometimes giving up feels like the only answer.

But there’s so much more…
For you to see. For you to experience. Life here would be a waste without you. And even in the darkest of hours, there’s a light somewhere, waiting for you to recognize it. Consider me your guide, because I promise I’ll do my best to take you to that light called “Recovery”. 

I know you’re strong. I know you can do this. 
I just want you to know you’re not alone

NMQ but i'm here and this is exactly what i want to say to all of you.
Do you ever just look at your reflection in the mirror and feel beautiful cry?
I feel like I annoy everyone, but nobody has the guts to tell me.
I find it funny
  how some of people get people to feel sorry for them because they get hate, when some of those people are the ones who go around making people feel worthless.
its ironic how we tell others to stay strong, when we can't even do it ourselves
I don't try to get attention when I say I'm not beautiful
I don't believe it
I don't see it
When I look in the mirror
I see a ugly, fat girl
And I'm truly disgusted
Because all the other girls are so much prettier than me
All these tears keep pouring out
And they can't stop
I'm just so broken