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so hey guys(:
this is my private acccount. so i'm not new to witty. i'm one of the orginals. i'm planning on making this an open account soon for people to post if you really knew me stuff and nobody would know it was them.. so like secure, you can't know who actually wrote it. be kind pleaseee(: or i'll have to delete this. & please don't change the password? kay. thanks<3 i'm trusting you guys!

name of the game: leave your state & write an if you really knew me. don't use last names. don't change the password. pretty simple.

password: pleasedontchange

this is awesome guys(: vent vent vent(: i'm so glad i got this to work! my (the one who made this) witty name is ****** ((no hate please, i made this for a good reason))

Quotes by ifyoureallyknewmexoxo

if you really knew me..
you'd know i tell other people amazing advice yet i cant take my own. you'd know even though my boyfriend split up with me 8 months ago I'm still not over him. you'd know that when i simply think of him or catch the colors in his eyes for a split second my heart stops. you'd know that i cry myself to sleep 99% of the time cause i held it in and pretend to be happy for far to long. you'd know my family problems which i couldn't even start to write here cause i wouldn't stop. you'd know what I'm thinking right now and why i cant put it into words. you'd know how much i look up to my best friend because oh how strong she is. you'd know that i could continue this for hours and still have plenty to write. you'd know i have a group of friends of 21 yet i only trust 3 of them. you'd know how much i am truly in love with that guy. you'd know how many 11:11's and candles i waste wishing on him. You'd know how much my heart is thumping right now afraid he will find this and know its me. You'd know that i Facebook stalk him and if he talks to another girl how another piece of my heart falls apart. You'd know that i still constantly think if he could of gotten over me and a heartbeat it was meant to end cause it wasn't love, yet still 8 months later he catches my eye and for the 3 second hold i'm not sure whose eye caught whose and why he held it for so long. why he goes out of his way to avoid me like i don't even exist to him or never did yet he still has the guts to talk about me to other people and trys make friends with my friends?  If you really knew me you would understand how confused i am questioning why can't i just move on? why does my heart say love him but my brain say another? why is he the reason i cry myself to sleep yet  why i get up in the morning? Why do i still get nervous about what he will think before i do my actions? WHY do i still feel this way when i have so many reasons to hate him. If you really knew me you would discover that i have already written one of these and this is just an extension. If you really knew me you would know how much harder its getting to keep that smile on my face.



If you really knew me;;

If you really knew me, you would know that behind my smile is a whole different story. My mother and my father got a divorce when I was little and I haven't seen my dad in over 5 years. If you really knew me, you would know when I was younger I tried committing suicide. If you really knew me, you would know that when I was younger I used to get abused from my mothers boy friend. I would get locked in my closet for days without any food, waiting for my mom to find me. I would get glass cups and bowls thrown at my head and be bleeding for hours to come. I got tied up like a pig, with the man of terror laughing at me and all I had was fear in my eyes. If you really knew me, you would know I tend to give amazing advice to a lot of people but forget about the advice I should be giving me. If you really knew me, you would know I'm known as "popular" In my grade. Being popular isn't always what you hear in movies or shows. People see me as a stuck up person for who I hang out with or who I'm seen with. If you really knew me, you would know I go through struggles like everyone else. If you really knew me, you would know I smile to hide the pain. If you really knew me, you would know I'm only 12 years old.


if you really knew me~
You would know, your hateful words stab me harder than a 12 inch knife ever could. They scar me 10 times bolder and deeper.
And would also know, i have so much hate for my "best friend" more hate than love. I dont tell her anything anymore. i fear that she'll make fun.

I f  Y o u  R e a l l y  K n e w  M e ~

you would know that
i hide all the pain under my laughs and jokes
If you really knew me you would know that im always afraid of messing up; so i act like i dont care.
If you really knew me, your would know that the day you broke up with me, i had a weight lifted off my shoulders. We became bestfriends after that and got into a huge agrument and your not texting or calling me anymore. And that weight is put back on my shoulders now. If you really knew me,you would know that, im afraid. Of ruining  something or someone i love.

If you really knew me <3

i  f  y  o  u  r  e  a  l  l  y  k  n  e  w  m  e  x  o  x  o
write anonymously an 'if you really knew me'
password is pleasedontchange
and please don't change it.
read the details on the page first.


love you good luckk(:

If you really knew me...

You would know that for the past few days, I have felt so horrible.
And the only person I can talk to is my ex.
And I actually have spoken to him about it.
He is the only one there for me, and it pains to think that he will be moving on.
He left me because he knew he would fall for someone else.
He left me because he knew he would fall for someone, he didn't even know yet.
My friend is leaving, and it breaks my heart. She was one of the only ones there for me.
I almost feel suicidal...
But I am being so selfish, I love my life but I just feel so hurt.
And I think I might even have problems because I crave pain in my hands.
My Dad nor my brother trusts me.
It doesn't feel like my life is falling apart, but it is just horrible at the moment.
I can never live to my teachers expectations, and I cry myself to sleep.
And guess what?

I am just starting Grade 7, High School.