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HI IM TAYLOR. NO IM NOT BACK ON WITTY BUT IF YOU KNOW ME HERE ARE WAYS TO CONTACTS ME kik and snapchat : taymd97 email tmd1618@gmail.com i miss all of you so much

Quotes by igorawr15

You had me at
"Free Wifi" 

I've never seen a cop
eating a donut in real life

Doing something weird and thinking,

"This is why I'm single"

That awkward moment when

your kindness is mistaken with flirting.

No matter how funny you are

if i dont like you, im not laughing.

Me: i lost my upsexy!!!
Friend: whats upsexy?
Me: oh nothing how bout you *chuckles*
Friend: really taylor.. really? *pinches me*


>>>That awkward moment when

your toys make 3 movies behind

your back. <<<

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