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HI IM TAYLOR. NO IM NOT BACK ON WITTY BUT IF YOU KNOW ME HERE ARE WAYS TO CONTACTS ME kik and snapchat : taymd97 email tmd1618@gmail.com i miss all of you so much

Quotes by igorawr15

The first day of school is always a fashion show.
The rest of the year? Pajama party :)

Why I stopped responding

1. I'm busy

2. You're very boring

3.I'm mad

4: I don't know how to respond to "k"

5. I'm on tumblr

6. I'm eating. Probably becasue im eating.


When im in the shower,
i let water run down my arms so it looks like im shooting water out of my finger tips. :)
Girl I know: Oh taylor!! i found your witty
Me: *thinking* omg omg omg omg omg omg
Girl: Yeah! im gunna tell more people to follow you
Me:* thinking* omg i have deep things on there
Me: whats witty. *panicing*
oh you dont have witty? *walks away*


*most girls with their crushes*
Girl: Im cold
Boy: Here *gives jacket* warm now? *smiles and cuddles*

*Me with my crush*
Girl: Im cold
Boy: Well you should have brought a jacket, huh?



*Talking to my friend*
My friend:
Come here
Me: no.

My friend: Just come here
Me: no youre gunna hit me


*On youtube watching "my boyfriend does my makeup tag"*
aw so cute :)
Me:  i wish i had a boyfriend to do that.

Me: ill do it myself and make a video
Me: *films myself doing a crappy make up job*

Me: stupid boyfriends and girlfriends. ugh
Me: hmm maybe my dog can do my makeup, hes a boy

Me: what am i doing with my life *sighs*


♥ Spamming someone with messages,
becasue they don't respond in 2 minutes ♥

Dear face wash commercials,
nobody actually splashes their faces with water like that
Sincerely, my whole damn bathroom floor is wet.

♥Asking your best friend what you should text back

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