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  i dont

                   I   HAVE  CANCER

Now that i have your attention.. First off I don't have cancer. What bothers me is how so many fake people make quotes saying they have cancer and they want faves; what does that have to do with anything? It's not like the more faves you get the more chance you have of making your cancer go away. Cancer is so serious, and people play around with it- some people even pretend they have it. & that bothers me so much. It's sick that people make quotes like that only to get faves. You may argue that many people don't just do it to get attention and faves but that's where the majority comes from. Instead we should be having quotes involving Kony, everyday things, Current Events, or just random B.S. about teenage life and how hard it is, or even the funny things. Not something none of us can do anything about. Ofcourse I have sympathy for the people who have Cancer, good luck with your journey & I hope you get through it. But that's all I or anyone else can really say or do. Sorry.

    that funny moment when the     
 plane lands & everyone claps 

My ex boyfriend, he cheated on me and came clean about it a month ago. We're friends now but he's still looking for my forgiveness and trust. I can't get these horrible images out of my mind of him and her.. she's in 2 of my classes so I'm reminded every day. I love him so much but hate him at the same time. He was my best friend. He wants to get back together but I don't know.  
       What the F*ck do I do?