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Quotes by iheart_questionmarkk

and you expected me to forgive you?

just like that?

i learn something new from sophomores everyday...
like today, i found out that you guys
don't use the word 'pervert' anymore; you say 'creeper' instead.

- mr. weisenberger (:(:--_lkfdjgkjf


       l i  f e   i s   e i t h e r

a daring adventure
o r   n o t h i n g

-Helen Keller


There is no fear in love;
 but perfect love casteth out fear
-1 John 4:18

who you are is not what you did

you're still an innocent


so this is me swallowing my pride, standing in front of you saying
i'm sorry for that night.
taylor swift.back to december


i will never be able to live alone
 i need someone to kill the spiders and open things

boy: what's you biggest dream?
girl: to be kissed in the rain. you?
boy: to be the one kissing you.

today, i clicked on 'topquotes'

the first one said something about how it was thrusday and there was going to be a ton of jersey shore quotes. the one below that was a snooki quote. witty, my friends, is becoming way too predictable.

why the hell would this font be an option?!
(why the hell would this font be an option?!)