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hey there witty.
this is my second account.
i made this for lyrics.
probably going to be nothing but lyrics here.


soo like my name says im in love with Jensen Ackles. Supernatural is my fave show. so naturally i love Jared Padelacki(dean on gilmore girls) too. hmu if you like suprenatural tooo.
im 15 and a sophomore livin it upp. music is my life and the lyrics are my story.


my #1 fave band of all time is Green Day. Billie Joe is my hero.
i like alotta bands. not really into pop culture.
i used to be obsessed with fall out boy.
anyway, i probably wont put the artist down in my quotes
so if you want to know who it is just ask.


with love,


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__xxJenifaaxx__ 1 decade ago
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hey! sorry this is so random but i was wondering if you could like my video i'm entering in a six flags contest? (: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/video/video.php?v=225813364100691&oid=52129033739&comments.
liveandlearn_12 1 decade ago
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hey, you know what would be amazing? if you have a facebook. PLEASE. go to this link, and "like" this video. it's for a Six Flags contest, whoever gets the most "likes" wins meet and greet w/ Big Time Rush. it'd be amazing, if you witty sisters, and brothers could help me and my friend. thank you.