Status: haters everywhere, but i dont really care<3
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Mevlana ♥
im 16. i turn 17 on January 18th :* im from Michigan. i am currently single& looking (; i LOVE meeting new people. i have so many problems my family knows absolutely nothing. i play many sports, i play basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball. but basketball and football are the main sports. i used to play shooting guard but this year star point guard in basketball.(: i coached boys freshman football and basketball. my first year of helping the coaches.. so yeah. but get to know me before you judge me ♥
leave me a comment cuties. <3

i love music. i like basically all of
young money especailly Drake <3.
HATE screamo music... 
basically musics there for me when others arent..  ;*


If your not down here, then your not worthy... ♥

 justin150~ my ;) buddy. the sweetest guy ive ever met on heree. love himm ;)) ♥

zachattack15~ your the funniest kiidd everr.. your my nigggaa. & i love how you admit your hoes...are actually hoess. ♥

jasonisaballer~ your soo nice and i love when you calll me babe,baby or babygirl. you helped me out so much with nasty girlsss. your the besst  ((:

flyboyjordan~ such a cool guyy. verrrry funny and loves basketball like mee. but by the way jordan... im stealing your hat. ♥♥♥ lovee yaaa. ;*

Anthony96 ~ you are officially MY FAVORITE PERSON on witty by far! you and i have a lot in commone but most importantly we are both OBSESSED with basketball. you're number 3. :x yes i remembered.
BULLS ARE THE S H I T AND WHOEVER DISAGREES CAN SUCK IT.<3 so yeah. youre the best.. kbye♥

 He is my obsession...  

Quotes by iiloveeyouu21

&& yeah i get jealous when I see you talking to her. can you blame me? < / 3
Why don't you two just get together already and save me the heart ache?
< / 3
I knew telling you the truth was a bad idea...
I've ruined everything...
everything that was
Important, and nothing can make it better...
You terrify me..
Im just gonna act like everythings okay, even though im hopelessly in love with you...

There are 6,930,055,154
people in the world.


Why are you letting just one

ruin your life ?

--Patrick Star


&+ I hate being used, heartbroken, and hurt.

Are there any normal guys?

& the hurt in her eyes;;
is what she
*hides* behind her smile




Forget the times he walked by,
Forget the times he made you cry,
Forget the times he spoke your name,
Remember now your not the same.
Forget the times he held your hand,
Forget the sweet things if you can,
Forget the times & Don't pretend,
Remember now he's just your friend.