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The names Bridget! I blow out the candles in October! Can't wait =)

I love making quotes! Its one of fave hobbies! (along with shopping!)

I play lots of sports; swimming, soccer, and basketball

My favoritee store is Hollister! I loove it there like every time I go to the mall i always head straight to Hollister! ahaha and I spend all my money there too...

So yeah!
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Oh my gosh you guys do nawt know how much I love my friends! I am so grateful to have them I would be lost without them!

My friends include:

Catherine: We have soo many laughs and insiders every time we hang out we have an awesome time!

Lauren: Even though we're far appart, we still keep in touch! I love this girl to death and i know shes always there for me!

Melissa: I never run out of thingd to talk about with her! like i could go hours on end talking to her about stuffs! shes super nice too!

Molly: molly is always there for me no matter what. she always makesme feel better when i'm down. i can talk to her about anything!

Christina: I love this girl shes so amazing!! Shes crazy and smart and i always have a good time with her no matter what!

Caitlin: this girl is the best! shes so easy to talk to and we always have a blast together.. and she tells it like it is and isalways honest

Julia: Julia is so nice and we laugh alot! Shes so polite but shes spazzy just like me =)

Ingrid: We've known each other since we were little! We talk alot more now and shes so nice and friendly =)

Hannah: we've been friends forever! I know I can trust her too.! we've been through some tough times but we know we'll always be there for each other!

Olivia: this girl never fails to make me laugh! shes the funniest person iknow! shes soo incredibly funny and is really nice too!

JUSTIN BIEBER!!! , Eminem, Lil Wayne, The Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Ashlee Simpson, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, Britney Spears, T.I. , Soulja Boy, and many moree!

Quotes by iiluvedwardcullen106

  if only you understood
y o u ' r e m y b o y f r i e n d, i t h i n k  y o u s h o u l d
i f  o n l y you acted like y o u c a r e d
x__i wouldn't have to burn  my  hair
if   x   only   x  you  x  apologized  x
i wouldn't  hate  you  for  all  those  lies
y o u  s a y  you love me and i did too.
but moving on is something i have to do.
&+ somewhere along the line...
i tripped over that line and fell for you (:
got tha idea from my friend molly. fave?
Where are you now?
w h e n  i  n e e d  y o u  t h e  m o s t  < / 3

*all credit goes to my husband justin bieber
you left me with nothing
x_____________ b u t   m e m o r i e s  < / 3
stop shutting me out
if    the    next    day    you're     gonna  let    me    back    in
cause x  its x  been x going x  on x  for x a  x while x now
x______________a n d  i m  g e t t i n g  s i c k  of  i t

all mine!! please rate high.?
 &+ its gotten to the point where
i  c a n ' t  e v e n  l o o k  a t  y o u
'cause  i  know  we'll  n e v e r   be
t     o     g      e    t     h     e     r
x________and it hurts so bad

all mine!! </3 venting a friend kindof gave me the idea though.

&+ baby just keep talking to me
 c a u s e   i   s t a r t   t o   t h i n k   o f   h i m   w h e n e v e r   y o u   s t o p . . . 

all mine!! rate high if you like!

but its time to face the truth
x___________i    w  i  l  l    n  e  v  e  r    b  e    w  i  t  h    y  o  u

its from a song.. im just venting </3

please look at my quotes .

i wud really appreciate it.

thanx <3

every smile you fake..
is so condescending, counted all the
.:  s c a r s    y o u ' v e    m a d e  :.